Youth Uniform Package ($166)

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Backpack-OC.JPG F.C. Golden State PK-FCGS - Sports Backpack - Black Black Sports Backpack PK-BAKPAK $24.00
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GJBLA-GJBLY-SC_1271 F.C. Golden State PK-GJBLY - Game Jersey Black - Youth Adidas Game Jersey Black Youth PK-GJBLY $34.50
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Black-Shorts-Tiro17 F.C. Golden State PK-GSBLY - Game Shorts Black Youth Game Short Black - Youth PK-GSBLY $21.50
GJWHA-GJWHY-DSC_1269 F.C. Golden State PK-GJWHY - Game Jersey White - Youth Adidas Game Jersey White Youth PK-GJWHY $34.50
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White-Shorts-Trio17 F.C. Golden State PK-GSWHY - Game Shorts White Youth Game Short White - Youth PK-GSWHY $21.50
TTSA-TTSY-DSC_1268-2PK F.C. Golden State PK-TTSOY - 2PK Training T-Shirt White - Youth Uniform Package Includes (2 Qty.)
White Training T-Shirts Total
PK-TTSOY $8.00
2015 Socks Black F.C. Golden State PK-SXBLY - Socks Black - Youth FCGS - Socks Black - Youth PK-SXBLY $7.50
2015 Socks White F.C. Golden State PK-SXWHY - Socks White - Youth FCGS - Socks White - Youth PK-SXWHY $7.50